Nitride Quantum Emitter Devices
Wide bandgap semiconductors such as Gallium Nitride and Aluminium Nitride can host colour centres which emit quantum light at room temperature. We are investigating these materials for use in quantum photonic technologies.

Two Dimensional Materials
Atomically thin ‘layered’ materials can host luminescent defects with interesting properties. The materials can also be stacked, without the need for crystal alignment or lattice matching, to create novel functionalities.

Angled Nanophotonic Devices
Etching semiconductors inside a Faraday Cage results in controlled undercutting of Gallium Nitride nanostructures which can be used to create freestanding nanobeam lasers and cantilevers.

Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Self-assembled compound semiconductor quantum dots can generate photons with exceptional purity and efficiency. We are working as part of the UK National Hub in Quantum Computing and Simulation to refine these sources for optical quantum information processing.

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